Why Moonlight Can Affect Your Sleep

Every month I see people who are having trouble sleeping, especially around the time of the full moon.

We are all told to stop using screens well before bedtime, but the moon acts like a giant super “screen”. It’s an enormous source of intense light that can disturb your internal body clock and leave you “tired and wired”, especially if it’s a “super” moon. Being wide awake at 3 am with moonlight streaming through your curtains can be extremely disruptive.

It’s little wonder moonlight can disrupt sleep patterns. The gravitational pull between the moon and the sun, the “Lunar Effect”, is so powerful it plays a huge role in sea tides, causing them to rise and fall.

Some farmers consult the moon calendar to know when is the best time to plant their seeds as different phases can influence the growth cycles of plants and crop yield.

Can different phases of the moon really affect your sleep? The answer is most definitely yes, and there are many studies to support this claim.

If this is something that affects you do get in touch as there are several homeopathic remedies that can help. I would also advise downloading the moon calendar so you are aware of the dates of the full moon and can make sure you avoid looking at it if possible.

“Insomnia had been a major issue for me and Cathy’s sleep remedies just worked a treat. This has been a major breakthrough for me and has completely transformed my quality of life and sense of wellbeing.”

Mrs N M, Alresford, Hants.