Struggling with your skin, sleep or hormones? Feeling overwhelmed, stressed or low and tried every conventional treatment out there?  Why not try Homeopathy?

Hello, I’m Cathy, homeopath and mum, living in East Hampshire.

I know how it feels to be struggling with symptoms you would like to get sorted. Homeopathy revolutionized my son’s sleeping patterns nearly 30 years ago which gave me back my ability to function on a daily basis and get on with life. If you would like an idea of the huge variety of symptoms people come and see me about do look at What Other People Say.

If you are looking for something with a more natural approach and are ready for something different, I would be delighted to hear from you.

I offer a FREE 30 minute call on 07762 800588 or do email me at .  


Cathy x



RSHom (Registered Member of the Society of Homeopaths),                              BSc (Hons) Hom, LCHE, HbT, Alresford, Hampshire

Tel: 07762 800588




If you would like to find out more do book a  free 30 minute call here.

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