What is Perimenopause?

Every month I see women with Perimenopausal symptoms. They may notice fluctuations in their moods, periods, sleep or temperature levels which can signal a reduction of female hormone production and the start of Perimenopause.

When does Perimenopause start?

Most women start having perimenopausal symptoms in their mid 40’s. This natural process happens gradually and can start up to 10 years before periods finally stop. A woman has not officially “gone through her Menopause” until 12 months after her last period usually around the age of 51. However, this varies from woman to woman, for a few it can be as early as 40 and for some not until their late 50’s.

Although most women adjust quite easily to these hormone changes, some struggle through the whole process. If a woman has surgical intervention such as a hysterectomy, Menopause can be sudden which can be an exceptionally challenging time.

Hormonal fluctuations can trigger well-known symptoms such as hot flushes, irregular or extremely heavy periods, weight gain and reduced libido.

However, there are lots of other symptoms also attributable to this stage such as: insomnia, increased anger levels, confusion or brain fag, mood swings, anxiety, depression, hair loss, joint pains, breast tenderness, palpitations and skin changes. Recent perimenopausal research has shown low mood and depression to be more prevalent than many people realised. 

What treatments are available?

Your GP will have a range of options, one of which is HRT and should be able to advise you. However, a recent study linked HRT use with an increased risk of cancer and women are increasingly looking at other options.

What can Homeopathy do? 

Research shows Homeopathy can help balance hormones naturally and reduce perimenopausal symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats without using drugs, if you would like to know more please email me: or ring me on 07762 800588.

“I went to see Cathy when I was experiencing significant struggles with the menopause.  Insomnia had been a major issue for me and Cathy’s sleep remedies just worked a treat.   Cathy also prescribed remedies to balance my hormones and I was able to reduce my HRT dose quite dramatically over the months.  Thank you very much.”

Mrs N M, Alresford, Hants.