Natural ways to reduce hot flushes


For those experiencing hot flushes during Perimenopause, symptoms can range from very mild to intense waves of heat.

Although they are often called night sweats, hot flushes can happen day and night. They are often exhausting and unpleasant and seriously disrupt sleep patterns.

Many women feel anxious not knowing when they might happen.  It can be distressing and embarrassing being drenched in sweat all over.

Yet there are lots of natural and effective ways to reduce their severity.

What treatments are available for hot flushes?

Your GP will have a range of options, one of which is HRT. However, a recent study linked HRT use with an increased risk of cancer and women are increasingly looking at other options.

Research shows Homeopathy can help balance hormones naturally and reduce hot flushes and night sweats without using drugs. Some women use it effectively alongside a reduced dose of HRT, if you would like to know more please get in touch.

“Cathy I can’t Thank you enough. After suffering Hot Flushes due to the menopause both Day & Night, I decided to give you a try. Wow I cannot believe the difference, I started with the remedies 6 weeks ago and from then on I haven’t had a single Hot Flush. I didn’t realise how tired I was constantly having them. 6 weeks later I feel so much better! My Husband was quite (How should I put it) Not convinced!! when I told him where I was going but now he is amazed and I think I’ve converted him! Once again Cathy Thankyou A”

Mrs A K, Medstead, Hants. 

What else can I do to help me cope?

Know your triggers: spicy foods, caffeinated and hot drinks and alcohol can naturally increase body heat and trigger hot flushes.

It’s very useful to keep a diary of foods you eat and hot flushes to try and avoid any triggers.

Look at your eating habits: Sometimes eating little and often, instead of three meals a day can help.  If you are overweight, losing weight may ease symptoms too.

Keep Cool: Try and keep cool by opening windows, using a fan and sipping cold drinks.  It can also be a good idea to wear loose layered cotton clothing so you can easily remove a layer when a flush starts.

Try and relax: Stress can trigger symptoms too so try and relax, do some deep breathing or meditation. Exercise can be extremely beneficial too.

Stop smoking: Research shows that giving up smoking can have a significant impact on reducing hot flushes.

If you would like to find out more please get in touch.