The ‘Sunshine Vitamin’  – Why we need to take Vitamin D 



When Covid was in full stride we were all advised to take Vitamin D.  It seemed that those with low levels had more severe symptoms. The public started to become aware of how important this vitamin could be.

Research shows it not only plays an important role in our immune systems but is essential for bone strength and helping balance hormones, including regulating our blood sugar levels. Taking a Vitamin D supplement can also  significantly improve both men and women’s sexual function.  Scientists liken Vitamin D’s role to that of a hormone which our body produces in response to sunlight. 

Symptoms of Low Vitamin D: 
  • Tiredness
  • Low mood – those with SAD may have low levels. 
  • Weight gain
  • Muscles cramps and bone aches
  • Lower immunity
  • Bone and Hair loss
  • Stress fractures (in legs, pelvis and hips).
  • Low levels have been linked with a range of medical conditions including osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and multiple sclerosis. 

The NHS recommend everyone living in the UK to take vitamin D, especially in the winter when daylight levels are low and colder temperatures mean many of us spend more time indoors. 

What Else affects Vitamin D Levels? 

Gender (Women are more likely to have lower levels), skin colour (those with darker skins can have lower levels), obesity, smoking, chronic disease such as Diabetes, medications and clothing can all affect levels of vitamin D. 

Three ways to boost our vitamin D Levels:
  • Take a vitamin D supplement – preferably vitamin D3 which is more readily metabolised by the liver than D2.  
  • Spend time in the sun.
  • Eat food that are rich in vitamin D – only about 10% of what we need will be absorbed through our food. 
Foods rich in Vitamin D

Mushrooms – are rich in vitamin D2 a plant sourced vitamin. Putting mushrooms gill side up for 15 minutes in the sun before using will increase their levels.

Oily Fish – such as sardines, mackerel and salmon and egg yolks are rich in vitamin D3 an animal sourced vitamin.

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