Some Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs – about Homeopathy

“What conditions can Homeopathy be used for?”

Patients are always asking this question.  Homeopathy is about considering the INDIVIDUAL as a totality and thus can be used for ANY condition including those you visit your GP for and can be taken alongside conventional medicine if necessary. Indeed Homeopathy has become an essential element in my family ‘toolkit’, alongside visiting our GP making Homeopathy very versatile and ‘user friendly’ and truly a complementary medicine form. 

“How long does treatment take?”

This is difficult to determine as reactions depend on a variety of factors. In general, the longer you have had a complaint the longer it may take to clear up – but not necessarily. For a more realistic idea I usually advise patients to allow two or three monthly appointments and then we can re-evaluate.

“What about Homeopathy for Children and Young People?”

Children often respond well to homeopathy and many parents seek homeopathic treatment as a gentle, holistic option with no toxic side effects. Homeopathy is suitable from birth onwards.

“Is Homeopathy safe?” 

Homeopathy is suitable from birth onwards and can be used for women during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. The high dilution of the remedies means they are gentle, safe, non-toxic and non-addictive.

“Can I take homeopathic remedies if I am already taking medication prescribed by my GP?”

Yes, you can take homeopathic medicine if you are already taking other medication if necessary – but it is important to let me know what medication you have been prescribed by your GP at your initial appointment. Please note that you should never attempt to reduce your other medication without supervision from your doctor.


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