“Hi Cathy

Thought I must give you an update re your latest treatments- last night J & I slept from 9.30pm – 6.30am – the best sleep we have had in ages 😊.  Both used what you told us to – so a fantastic result.

There has also been a massive difference in my arthritis in my fingers, quite incredible – a miracle in my mind, we are both very grateful to you. Thankyou.

Best regards C”

Mrs C S, Chichester, West Sussex. 


“Hi Cathy
You have done it again!!!!
After feeling so low again amongst other things that had gone on, I was at wits end so I came to you and oh my within a week I was on top of the world again and even lost a whopping 12lb, slimming world book to prove it! Mo jo completely back to so not only am I on top of the world but my fiancée too haha
Thank you so so much for helping me get my smile back, a very happy J”

Ms JC, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire. 

ADHD + Confidence + Eczema + Ears

“My son has been seeing Cathy for a year now and I am thrilled to say just what a difference she’s made in his life. He has experienced symptoms of ADHD, sleeplessness, confidence issues as well as physical difficulties with chronic ear problems. Without our ‘raindrops’ he is challenging and very overly active, with his raindrops he is calm, confident and happy in his skin. On top of this he hasn’t had any problems with his ears and his eczema has disappeared. I can’t rate Cathy highly enough.”

Mrs JM, Easton, Hampshire – mother of 5 yr old.


“Hi Cathy I have some great news: the last “version” of remedies you gave me have had a very definite positive result!

I base this on the fact that my dust / dust mite allergy had all but disappeared by the end of that course. I take it there is no pollen around this time of year, so I can’t measure against that part of the allergy, but dust mite allergy has been a constant feature of my life both in the UK and South Africa (except in Johannesburg/Pretoria, very dry climate). So as far as dust goes, it appears to have worked pretty close to 100% ! Also I have not been particularly good at avoiding certain foods, especially over the Christmas season, but that has not made any difference. Magic when you hit the nail on the head! 😀”

Mr MG, London. (dust mite allergy sufferer for 40 years). 

Acute sore throat/tonsillitis

“Hi Cathy

I just wanted to let you know that my throat is so much better, thank you. Still resting lots but it’s wonderful I didn’t have to take antibiotics. Thank you again.

Cxx”  CM Putney, London (patient diagnosed with tonsillitis). 

Skin – acne + spots

“Hey Cathy I just wanted you to know you are my angel, for the first time in over a year I have spot free skin and have been able to not wear make up for over a week now. Thank you so much!”

Ms AP Four Marks, Hampshire. 

Pain relief

“Hello Cathy

WOW!!I finished the injury meds yesterday and as I’m walking through Alton today I suddenly realised my arm is straight and absolutely pain free today but it’s the evenings I usually feel the pain and tonight it just feels stiff. I cannot thank you enough, the feeling of not being in that pain 24 hours a day. You sorted it in 5 days and with the doctors I had 3 weeks of painkillers every 4 hours and a referral for physio which has just come through but not for another 2 weeks (it’s a joke). So once again  a BIG thank you. A very smiley J. ” Ms JC Chandlers Ford, Hants.

“Your remedies have quite simply changed my life, not only am I not in pain on my shoulders which is phenomenal but it also has stopped the pain in my gut which has been horrible and very worrying with all the burning in the tummy. So thank you a million times it is a magical remedy”. Mrs JO Ropley, Hants.

Low mood + Confidence

“Hi Cathy.   All the Oak and Sequoia working MAGIC.  Busy! Working now. Will be in touch. C” Ms C G-M Petersfield, Hants. 

Fibromyalgia + Stress

“I have been seeing Cathy for over three years now. Initially, it was to help me manage Fibromyalgia, which it is generally believed to have no orthodox cure, but she also helped me cope with the stress of a very busy, intense family life which at times felt very overwhelming and was possibly the aggravating factor of the Fibromyalgia. Cathy, through gentle enquiries, got to basics of the pressure that I was feeling and was prescribed remedies to help. Also through our discussions , I have become more self-aware to the causes and trigger points so that I could then use the remedies to counteract any potential stressful situations.

Ultimately, through Cathy’s perseverance with research and treatment of the Fibromyalgia, I have very little signs of the condition and function fully from morning to night. I still see Cathy to maintain this level of health and for any other issues that arise. She has been so kind and I would say that if she hadn’t been there to help me and my family, I wouldn’t like to say what a mess I would be in. She is always available for a quick chat if I need advice over a remedy or if there is an alteration in my health. She has also helped my teenager with exam stress and stomach problems. Such a relief!!” Mrs CL, Ropley, Hampshire.

Happiness + Wellbeing

“I consider myself very lucky to have found such a compassionate and caring Homeopath. Cathy’s natural ability, instinct, knowledge and understanding has quite simply changed my life and my health! She is a huge credit to her profession and I consider myself very lucky to have her as my practitioner.”

JO, Alresford, Hampshire.


“My son suffered terribly with eczema since the age of two months and has been seeing Cathy for six months. We tried every type of treatment, even a steroid cream which I didn’t want to use on a two month old baby skin. Since seeing Cathy, my son’s eczema improved dramatically and has now disappeared after four sessions. I cannot thank Cathy enough for her help, support and patience she gave us. I know I can give her a call or send a message any time with any problems/questions. I highly recommend Cathy as a homeopath to all my friends and family. ”

Mrs AKS, Winchester, Hampshire – mother of 8 month old baby.

“My 11 year old son has had chronic eczema since the age of four months. As a baby and toddler he was in bandages for about two years and suffered terribly, bleeding frequently. I tried every type of treatment for him across the spectrum of many kinds. Since seeing Cathy Hutton, my son’s eczema has improved dramatically.  I feel Cathy is enormously empathetic in her consultation with him and he seems to really enjoy the whole process.”

Mrs AG, Petersfield, Hampshire.

Eczema + bedwetting + insomnia 

“I first met Cathy when I was looking for a homeopath to treat two of my children, one for chronic eczema and the other for some common, but persistent, childhood complaints: headlice, threadworms, bedwetting, anxiety and sleeplessness. I was immediately impressed by her knowledge and instinct, and subsequently by the results!

Cathy is very thorough and, unlike other homeopaths I have been to, is diligent about checking in with the patient to fine-tune the treatment. When I returned to see her for myself following a prolonged chest infection and sinusitis, she quickly dealt with those symptoms and then set to work on my underlying fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression, uncovering years of suppressed emotional grief in the process.

Quite often our sessions are a revelation to me about how my mind and body have dealt with the various pressures of my stressful and busy life, and I now feel better than I have in the last decade. I heartily recommend homeopathy in general and Cathy in particular!” Mrs LC, Winchester, Hampshire

Hormones + PMT  

“I had been experiencing hormonal issues, including: 1) feeling like I had almost permanent PMT with mood swings, between being grumpy and teary; 2) cravings, particularly chocolate; 3) a constant ‘hot’ ear that I usually get just before a migraine; 4) eczema; 5) achy knuckles; and more. I felt like I was depressed. I had experienced 4 miscarriages, one of which had hit me particularly hard, plus my monthly cycle was all over the place. I had tried a few other treatments, but nothing had worked for long. I remembered Cathy from the Alresford show, almost 6 months previously and thought I would give it a try.

The results were beyond my expectations! Within a month, my mood swings had levelled out with only my normal PMT, my monthly cycle resumed back to normal, my hot ear disappeared. I am so pleased to feel human again (and so is my family).”

Mrs HW, Alresford, Hampshire.

Panic Attacks + Immunity 

“Cathy has been a huge support to me over the last couple of years. Cathy takes time to understand the bigger picture and I never feel rushed during my appointments. Cathy has helped me with: eliminating side effects of medication, sleep, panic attacks, immunity, mood, weight loss and re-building relationships with my family. Cathy records everything and this is often a really helpful marker of my progress. I highly recommend Cathy as a homeopath.” Ms CVAM, London (Skype)

Stress + Sleep/Insomnia  

“I had not visited a homeopath before but Cathy’s warm and friendly manner immediately put me at ease. I attended Cathy’s excellent introduction to homeopathic first aid remedies.  At the same time, I came down with the cough and cold bug “doing the rounds”.  Cathy suggested some homeopathic remedies to ease my cough and also that of my 18 month old toddler which were particularly helpful. Subsequently, I visited Cathy for a remedy for sleeplessness and stress which is proving very effective.”

Mrs AE, Alresford, Hampshire.

Sleep/Insomnia + “Terrible Twos”

“We met with Cathy as a last resort when our youngest daughter was 17 months old and was, waking 8-10 times a night, as she had always, We were exhausted and pretty fed up. Our family life was becoming stressful and our house heard too many cross words between all of us. It felt as though we had tried everything and we were at the point of paying £1000’s to get a night nanny/sleep consultant in when we read about homeopathy. Although we were dubious, we thought it worth a try.

Cathy managed to raise our shoulders during our initial telephone call. She knew, from her personal experiences, exactly how we felt and what we were going through. It was a huge relief for someone to listen and understand, rather than offer unhelpful advice.

The following day we met with Cathy in her very calming home and she was fabulous. Her charm worked instantly with our daughter and we just talked, going right back to the start. Finally we were listened to. We left our initial consultation with a remedy to try and took it that night. There was not an instant solution, sleep improved but was not perfect. Cathy kept checking in with us, listening and providing new remedies to try along with the most sound advice anyone had offered. It was a breath of fresh air.

We continued the relationship with Cathy and, in time, our sleep monster slept. It felt like a miracle had been performed. Once we had realised how fantastic it was to sleep again, we discussed our toddlers frustrations with Cathy. Having been in Winchester with a very angry toddler one morning, where she used her favourite biting techniques on us, Cathy prescribed another remedy. Again it worked. We still have slight temper tantrums as you would expect from a 2 year old but these are the ‘normal’ type, not the extreme.

As a family we cannot thank Cathy enough for the patience and support she gave us when we needed it. Homeopathy definitely worked for us!” Mrs ID, Bishop’s Sutton, Hampshire.

“We contacted Cathy as our daughter was approaching her third birthday and was having great difficulty settling into a nursery; she had also struggled to sleep well from a very early age. Cathy listened to all of our concerns with considerable understanding and approached the issues with the finest detail; she never rests on her laurels and no stone is left unturned!

Our daughter now skips into nursery without a backward glance and her sleep patterns have improved significantly. We cannot thank Cathy enough.” Mr E F-S, Barnes, London (Skype).

Hay Fever

“I have suffered with Hay Fever for 6 years and having tried numerous pharmaceutical drugs, found nothing was effective. However, since a recommendation to consider Cathy’s homeopathic treatments, I have finally, with her help, been able to reduce the impact and gain control and feel that my hay fever symptoms have reduced significantly.” MB, Alresford, Hampshire (Aged 15).

Other symptoms….

“In 2012 I was diagnosed with MS following a flare up of Optic Neuritis and other symptoms in common with MS – numbness, loss of balance, headaches, tiredness etc. It was then that I came to Cathy, preferring a more holistic approach to living with MS. Last April in 2016 – the Neurological Dept at Southampton General after numerous MRI scans, blood tests etc were confused and questioned whether I had MS. I am grateful to the NHS and continue to be their patient, however I am very pleased that I chose not to start injecting myself with heavy drugs and came to Cathy for homeopathic remedies instead.

Cathy has a gift for treating us frail humans in a holistic way, ie as ONE body – with all bits of us joined up together. She is very smart, clear thinking and intelligent and I am delighted to recommend Cathy to anyone.” Mrs MW, Bursledon, Hampshire.

“Earlier this year (2014) I had an accident where I fell from a loft ladder landing on my back on the floor. Surprisingly there were no broken bones but the hospital investigations and scans showed that I had a pituitary adenoma which was impacting on the adrenals’ capacity to produce cortisol. This can be quite problematic, given that we require cortisol, our stress hormone, to regulate in response to everything we do. The medics immediately prescribed steroids and indicated that I am likely to need them for the rest of my life. They also indicated that it is probable that I will need surgery to remove the mass, however that approach will require further investigation and exploration. This certainly was not something I expected or wanted but had presented itself to me.

My eldest daughter had been seeing Cathy for homeopathic remedies and she whole heartedly recommended that I give Homeopathy a go. I was saying yes I would look into it, but didn’t give it much thought beyond that, and didn’t really think it would help me!! I’m not sure what changed my mind, perhaps the idea that the options of medication or potential invasive brain surgery seemed quite scary, and therefore I had nothing to lose by trying.

I went along to see Cathy, completed my health assessment form and started on my first remedies. Little by little they started to do their magic and make an amazing difference, I was feeling healthier and livelier, I was increasing in confidence and holding my own court, there were so many subtle changes happening that accumulated into quite significant changes when I returned to Cathy and review how I was doing.

Recent reviews with the medical team show my cortisol levels are steady, even though I have been cutting down my steroid medication. The idea that homeopathy works from the inside out is so natural, and as time goes on and my remedies modify to accommodate my changes, there is a very strong feeling I will refer to Homeopathy when there is any physical and/or emotional issues.

Much gratitude and thanks to you Cathy for doing a wonderful job!!”  Ms HM, Southampton, Hampshire.





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