What are Homeopathic remedies used for?

The short answer is just about anything – Patients come and see me with a huge variety of conditions, both minor and persistent (including those they visit their GP for).  Do look at my testimonials page  “What Other People Say” written by patients with a whole range of things people have come to see me about.

What makes Homeopathy so special?

The homeopath has a three-pronged approach and considers the patient on three levels simultaneously:

  • the actual physical/emotional symptoms presented ie runny nose, itchy eyes etc.
  • any trigger for those symptoms ie something physical such as a fall or over exposure to pollen or an emotional upset such as grief, shock, redundancy etc.
  • any predisposition to those same symptoms which may have been inherited from your family.

Homeopathy is a ‘bespoke’ form of medicine for your individual symptoms and can be extremely effective!  It is gentle, safe, has no toxic side effects, and ideal for everyone from newborns to the elderly. Homeopathy can also be used alongside conventional medicine if necessary, making it very user-friendly and truly complementary.

Websites explaining Homeopathy in more detail:

Information on research:

A Canadian website which explains Homeopathy in more detail:

British Homeopathic Association – medically qualified homeopaths


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